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HK Aluminium balconies.

Our HK aluminium balcony, in addition to the classic HK steel/ steel concrete balcony and the HK concrete loggia, presents a supporting pillar in our product range. Light, resistant to corrosion and versatile- the modern construction material satisfies architects and meets today’s demand.

The balconies are placed in front of the building as independent components and are therefore ideal for both new and existing buildings.

You can choose between various systems.

  • Aluminium balcony panels combined with four or two square tube supports
  • Aluminium balcony panels suspended via a tension rod system or counter weights
  • Aluminium balcony panels functioning as a loggia extension on two supports with aluminium frames in the niche
  • Aluminium balcony panels as a loggia extension, self-supporting

We offer one-piece aluminium balconies up to a size of 12,00 x 4,00 m. Square tubes, round tubes and aluminium-design profiles (double T-Optic) function as supports. 

The supports, base plate and railing system for our aluminium-model are all completely made of the popular light metal. The flooring consists of high-artificial stones -reinforced or unreinforced- that are loosely installed on a footfall sound insulation.

The aluminium balcony will be delivered prefabricated (unitized) to the construction site including the artificial stones.

HK balconies come in a large variety of forms, such as square, rectangular, polygonal or with sloped edges.

We will realise your individual requests, that accentuate your building. HK Balkonbau offers detailed and diverse variations for shapes, colours and materials.

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THE benchmark in balcony construction

For every building we will find a solution that is not only fitting but also architectually attractive.


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