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A piece of freedom.


HK Balkonbau GmbH has been a family-owned business since 1990 right in the heart of the Ruhr area and with more than 40,000 balconies produced, we are one of the oldest companies in the balcony industry. We specialise on the planning, manufacturing and installation of aluminium balconies.

Carefully controlled production processes according to EN 1090, modern technologies and highly trained personnel ensure reliable and quick project delivery. 

For every building we will find a solution that is not only fitting but also architectually attractive. Over 25 years of experience in steel constructions as well as our skills in static designs allow us to develop a solution that is of high qualitaty and visually outstanding.

Let us inspire you. We will be happy to show you our possibilities and develop a customised solution together with you for your building. On the following pages you will find detailed information for our balcony systems. We make individual solutions the standard.

Whether the balcony should be supported by four or only two support mullions or cantilevered out of the building (hanging) - we offer technically sophisticated and proven systems. We are also prepared for the future: We offer accessible and barrier-free designs or brackets with a thermal break.

Optimal - heat protection and moisture protection.

Optimal - heat protection and moisture protection

schallOur balconies meet the current state of the art in terms of thermal insulation and moisture protection according to DIN 4108-2 / 4108-3.

For the verification, point and length-related heat transfer coefficients and the minimum temperatures in the heated room were determined as thermal insulation parameters for the point balcony supports.

The test report "Calculation of the thermal behavior of selective balcony supports" can be made available on request.

Our "quiet" balconies


In DIN 4109-1: 2018-01 "Sound insulation in building construction", for the first time, requirement values ​​are set for the impact and structure-borne sound insulation of balconies in newly built apartment buildings or balcony systems.

In the spring of 2020, a detailed sound insulation test of our balcony systems was carried out in cooperation with a recognized testing institute. As a result, we can prove that our balcony systems are well below the required sound insulation values.

The test report can be made available on request.

We are certified

1090An increase in customer satisfaction as a result of the optimal quality of our products can only be achieved if we not only keep the requirements for the manufacture of our products at the previous high level, but also continuously improve these requirements.

Our business processes, workflows and control mechanisms are therefore certified in accordance with DIN EN 1090.

HK Aluminium Balconies.

Our HK aluminium balcony, in addition to the classic HK steel/ steel concrete balcony and the HK concrete loggia, presents a supporting pillar in our product range. Light, resistant to corrosion and versatile- the modern construction material satisfies architects and meets today’s demand.

HK Concrete balconies.

HK balconies are high-quality systems that are subject to strict internal and external quality criteria. The balconies are placed in front of the building as independent components and are therefore ideal for both new and existing buildings.

HK Sliding Shutters.

HK balcony construction offers not only HK balconies but also HK sliding shutters. The sliding shutters are manufactured individually and tailored to your building and can also be installed upon request. We carry out large-scale as well as individual buildings.

THE benchmark in balcony construction

For every building we will find a solution that is not only fitting but also architectually attractive.


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