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Balcony walkways from HK Balkonbau: functionality and safety meets aesthetics

HK Balkonbau, known for its expertise in balcony and metal construction, now also offers customised solutions in the field of access balconies. Our access balconies combine practical functionality with aesthetic design to make buildings not only more accessible, but also more visually appealing.

Customised design for every building

We understand that every portico must blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of the building. That's why we offer customised design options that adapt to the architectural features and specific requirements of each project.

High-quality materials and robust construction

The durability and stability of our pergolas are particularly important to us. We only use high-quality materials and modern manufacturing techniques to ensure that our pergolas can withstand the elements and retain their function and beauty for years to come.

Safety and comfort

Safety is a central element of our pergola constructions. We make sure that all our pergolas meet the latest safety standards and offer maximum comfort and user-friendliness. Non-slip flooring and barrier-free access are just some of the features that characterise our pergolas.

Aesthetic integration into the building architecture

An arcade from HK Balkonbau is more than just a functional access point - it is a design element that enhances the appearance of a building. We work closely with architects and clients to ensure that every portico is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

Gallery arcades.

We are here for you and look forward to your enquiry.

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THE benchmark in balcony construction

For every building we will find a solution that is not only fitting but also architectually attractive.


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