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Metal construction.

We also offer metal construction work in connection with our core products. This work includes façade construction (cold façade), railing construction, staircase construction, pergolas and emergency ladder systems.

At HK Balkonbau, we create different railing variations, preferably from aluminium.
The holes for the fixing anchors of the underfloor railings are drilled prior to installation. The railings are largely pre-assembled (no individual part assembly on the construction site) so that assembly can be carried out quickly, precisely and using our own telescopic forklifts in the classic "balcony assembly style".
By maximising in-house pre-assembly of the individual components, the quality of the components can be ensured. This also reduces the assembly time and presence on the construction site, thereby minimising costs and risks (damage).

In the area of cold facades, we rely on in-house 3D planning, our own designs and selected partners. Thanks to our precise surveying technology and assembly experience in balcony construction, we are able to realise demanding projects.

We have decades of experience in the field of staircase construction. Spiral staircases and arcades often serve as escape routes and connect to our balcony systems.

The four colleagues at our affiliated steel construction workshop Stahlbau Kreyenberg take care of smaller metal construction work such as alternating beams, wall supports and stairs.

We are here for you and look forward to your enquiry.

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